【Autism Acceptance Month】
On Saturday, 4/15/2023, PLANET Boston community kick-off event at the Arlington Fox Library was a great success!

At this event, we introduced the following content:

  • What is ASD? What challenges do adults with ASD face and why?
  • How we started, our mission and vision, what we do
  • Our impact for last 3 years
  • Moving forward: our future big picture, our logic model
  • 2023 focus: Obtained 501c3 in 2022, BHS-PB partnership, main farming activities, fundraising, farm to table event etc.

Participants commented that they were happy to learn about ASD and they made new connections.

Thank you to everyone who attended today and see you at the farm soon! Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing our activities (Starts May) !

Please send any comments to: info@planetboston.org