Special Guided Program (Sundays)

2-hour Farm Experience for Adults (18+) with ASD.

We provide individuals with ASD with opportunities to learn farming skills. Participants will try hands-on activities with an experienced instructor.
Through the programs, we also encourages participants to relax at the farm, socialize with peers, and have fun. Please take a look at our flyer for more information.

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Open Farm (Weekdays and Weekends)

We welcome people with all abilities to enjoy the farm. As a volunteer, some of your activities may include: seeding, watering, and harvesting. If you would prefer to not participate in these activities, you are welcome to sit, bask in the sun, and relax on the farm. Due to staff availability and COVID-19, visitor capacity is limited. We kindly ask you to sign up before coming to the farm. 
After your sign up is received, one of our staff member will send you a waiver form and instruction to visit the farm.

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Field trip (Weekdays)

We provide schools and families of individuals with ASD with opportunities to try farming. Contact us for more information and an appointment.

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101 North Road (left), Sudbury MA

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