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Your generous support will advance our cause to create a community where individuals with Autism Spectrum Difference (ASD) reach their full potential.



We are a “Care Farm” working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Difference* (ASD)

A “care farm” is a communal place for people of all abilities to participate in farming. Our goal is to maintain and improve participants’ physical and mental health by offering farming activities including seeding, watering, delivering farm products, and enjoying the grown produce.

*We use “difference” instead of “disorder” as we believe Autism should not be looked at as a deficit or a shortcoming. By using “Difference” we acknowledge that those on the spectrum have different ways of communicating, socializing, and approaching situations.



Recent Participant Reviews

Being at PLANET Boston’s farm made me feel relaxed and my son was so happy to run around the field, water the plants, and pick tomatoes.

Parent of a child with ASD

PLANET Boston’s pilot program has been such a great opportunity for my son to be social with others in the community while learning about farming skills. We particularly appreciated that he was able to take things at his own pace. Not to mention the farm is a beautiful place to be! 

Parent of an individual with ASD



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