PLANET Boston farm season is finally starting!

We are grateful to everyone for their participation and support over the past four years, which has helped us develop this program into a fulfilling one.

Now we are pleased to announce our 2024 Open Farm!

Our farm is open to all. It is a great opportunity for everyone (neurotypical people and people with ASD) to enjoy working together.
Various activities at both our farms in Sudbury (101 North Road (left), Sudbury MA) and Randolph (800 N Main St Randolph MA) are starting.

Stay tuned for our upcoming activities and events!

At the Sudbury farm, we will prepare the soil for planting edamame, corn, adzuki beans, and flowers. All are welcome to cut grass in the parking area and till the soil for planting.
Here is the upcoming schedule at our Sudbury farm in May and June.

Sudbury farm

May 26, Sunday: Planting edamame
June 2, Sunday: Planting corn
June 4, Tuesday: Planting corn with the preschoolers
June 9, Sunday: Planting adzuki bean
During May and June, we have open farms in Randolph and/or Sudbury on weekends. If you are interested in participating, please see the schedule and apply through the link below.
Please note: Operating days and hours may vary depending on the weather. Be sure to check for updates when applying.


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