We have been setting up a garden fence at Higashi High School field little by little every weekend since October 29th, and today was our fourth working day.

Since the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping considerably, the work hours will be limited, but we are hoping to continue making progress without pushing too hard.

We now have a nice looking shed on the farm that serves as a barn/workshop/rest area. It’s not completed yet, but today after work we had a little party to celebrate our progress and hard work in the newly built shed.




We started setting up the fence in the Higashi High School field around 7:30 am this morning. We had a lot of trouble with wild animals during this season, but finally today, the first installation work started. Although the season is almost ending, we will be more prepared for next season.

The parents of graduates of Higashi High School kindly let us borrow two heavy machines, and a family of the Higashi staff volunteered to operate them.From early morning until the sun went down, 16 people in total, including Paul, the Higashi High School Chief Development Officer, staff, family members, and volunteers from the Boston Special Needs Association, worked hard. And now one side of the garden is over!

We will need more manpower until it is completed, so depending on the progress, we will announce the recruitment of volunteers nationwide.Thank you to everyone who participated.



早朝7:30am 頃から東スクールの畑のフェンスの設置を始めました。今年のシーズン中は、獣害も多く苦労しましたが、シーズン終盤の今日、ようやく設置作業がスタートしました!

当日は、東スクールの卒業生の親御さんから重機2台をお借りし、東スタッフのご家族がボランティアで重機の運転(操縦?)をしてくださいました。早朝から、日が暮れるまで、東スクールChief Development OfficerのPaulさん初め、スタッフの方々やご家族、Boston Special Needsの会の皆さんなどボランティアさん、総勢16名の方々が時間の許す限り手伝ってくださり、フェンス一辺が終わりました!




We had a great turnout with a total of 22 volunteers participating in the sweet potato harvesting in perfect autumn weather.

The out-of-season flowers were in full bloom, girls spent time chasing butterflies, some did heavy lifting, others prepared the field for closing, and all were able to have a good time in a harmonious way. 

From now, we will focus for a while on harvesting leafy vegetables such as mizuna, garland chrysanthemum, cabbage, etc.








The second open farm events have ended successfully. A total of 21 people participated, including two families who participated for the first time. After a tour of the fields, we experienced the harvesting of corn, beans, adzuki beans, cucumbers; forming ridges for daikon radish; and sowing seeds.

In the autumn, the volunteers are gradually returning to the fields. We would like to think about how to better connect the interest of the participants to the program.
After October, the hunting season begins, so the fields are closed on Saturdays.